"These are unprecedented times and very difficult decisions lie ahead. We need a trustee with new ideas and a parental perspective who will make the tough decisions in a transparent and equitable way. I will be that trustee. I am dedicated to doing what is best for our students and making data-driven decisions which will provide the quality education our children deserve."
Ensuring an Equitable Learning Model

Due to the Coronvirus Pandemic, which caused our District to quickly shift to distance learning, the inequities in the education that many of our children received were only magnified. As we return to school under a new learning model, we must ensure equity and the best education for our children.

Recruiting and Retaining High Quality Teachers and Staff

Teachers and staff are the corner stone of our students’ success. Thus, it is vital to not only recruit, but to retain high quality teachers and staff. I will make it a priority to always highly value and treat teachers and staff fairly so that they feel appreciated, and thus, focused on serving the needs our students.

Dynamic Parent-Teacher Collaboration

As a parent of three girls who attend our district, I see firsthand how vital it is for students’ success that parents and teachers work closely together at all grade levels. As a trustee, I will bring my unique perspective as a parent to the school board and I will make it a priority to ensure that all parents are provided the support they need to help their children succeed. 

Active and Compassionate Stewardship

The district’s current budget crisis will likely be exacerbated by budgetary uncertainty at the state and federal levels due to COVID-19. ​Now, more than ever, our district needs a trustee who will critically analyze all district proposals—not just a rubber stamp—making sure that all stakeholders are at the table and treated fairly. I will make sure to carefully listen to all and make transparent and equitable decisions.

Closing the Opportunity Gap

Academic achievement is the number one priority of any school district. I will focus on making data-driven decisions which provide all of our students the opportunity for a well-rounded quality education. These decisions will include focusing on early literacy as a gateway to success.


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